Hi, I’m Lianna.

You might know me from my previous blog (Live. Laugh. Run. Tri.) but here I am on my newly launched platform: Through the Sidewalk Crack.

Over the last couple of years, the consumption of running and triathlon has dwindled down quite a bit. I found myself wanting to use my time for things other than training and racing. I realized that having a blog that was mostly aimed at one aspect of my life, and titled as such, just wasn’t going to cut it. Nearly every post I’d written had something to do with training or running, because that was the intended subject matter.

However, I wanted to write about other things, and I wanted to write more often. I wanted to write about my local adventures, experiences other than racing, and just write about anything. But if it wasn’t a race recap or a weekly training round-up, then I felt that it didn’t “fit” into the blog.

That brings us to here.

Through the Sidewalk Crack is actually derived from an Uncle Kracker song, “Smile.”

Just like a flower poking through the sidewalk crack….

In general, the song makes me think of an important person in my life. On a deeper note, when I think of a flower poking through the sidewalk crack, I think of how strong and persevering that little flower had to have been to make his way out.

So, it just seemed like a fitting title… One that doesn’t make me feel restricted as to what I can write and share with you all.

I hope you are excited for what’s in store, just as I am. Thank you for stopping by, and feel free to check me out on other social networks.